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Message from the president

Dear USCN Members,

It is with great pleasure and honor to be given the opportunity to serve as President of USCN. Considering the long history of honorable and distinguished Presidents before me, it is indeed a privilege to serve the members of the USCN organization. First, I would like to thank our outgoing Past President Jimmy Owens for his years of service on the USCN Board. Jimmy was a major contributor as both an active member of the Government Relationship Committee and a resource for me as I made my transition through the levels of the USCN Board. I also want to thank for him his efforts in guiding the USCN organization over the past years as President.

I also want to congratulate and welcome the newly elected officers to the USCN Board. With a strong member cast like this, the USCN is in good hands.

Reflecting on the value of the organization, it is still very clear that our core values remain steadfast. Networking across the Pacific between US and Chinese business communities and information-sharing opportunities with industry members, peer resources, interaction with industry analysts and most importantly a network of professionals that no other organization can provide are, to me, representation of a true “value added” organization.

As I reflect on my own journey as a member of the Board of Directors, I have to come to recognize a theme that is the back-bone to the overall success of the USCN:

1. Member Involvement: The ability to drive the membership is the core of what each committee should be striving for. This can only happen by being active within your committees through recruitment of new members, supporting our annual conference/committee meetings or volunteering to be a Co-chair or Chair of a committee. The foundation of our membership is everyone’s responsibility, so let’s stay active.

2. Driving growth: One of the core objectives this year is to drive growth within our organization. The first is to drive awareness by creating a new USCN brochure outlining the value of the organization and collaborating with other organizations through sponsorships. This is only the beginning as we need commitment from everyone, if we are to continue to grow and prosper.

3. Knowledge & Experience: We need to ensure that we leverage the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists from those who have served as either committee Chairs/Co-Chair or Board members. Using that vast number of years of experience can only help provide solid direction for the USCN.

The USCN organization and its members are what have kept us striving for the past decade. This is a team sport with a common goal to improve the experience of our members so we can meet the challenges ahead of us.

Please visit the USCN website or contact any Director or Committee Chair/Co-Chair for enrollment or any other information.

I want to wish all of our USCN members as well as the business community as a whole, a successful and prosperous year.


Brian McElroy

USCN President