Looking back on half a century, China and the United States go hand in hand and cherish each other

The international situation is turbulent, and the Sino-US relationship under the Russo-Ukrainian War is even more mysterious and important!

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the "Sino-US Shanghai Communique", the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) specially invited Mr. Wu Gaolin, Executive Vice President of the US-China Business Association, to bring a wonderful "Thinking Lecture" line to the university teachers and students Lecture.

Chairman Wu Gaolin shared wonderful content with you on "Sino-US Relations: Past, Present and Future and Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Sino-US "Shanghai Communiqué".

The lecture was presided over by Professor Chen Yongqin, Dean of Muse College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), and more than a hundred teachers and students attended the meeting. Professor Chen first introduced Chairman Wu Gaolin, talked about their friendship that started more than 30 years ago, and shared memories of their time in the United States.

Chairman Wu Gaolin used detailed historical facts and little-known content to describe the three early contacts between China and the United States, the three major communiques between China and the United States, and the current Sino-US relations under the conflict between Russia and Ukraine from the international background at that time.

Fifty years ago, China and the United States reached out to each other across the vast Pacific Ocean and jointly drafted the "Shanghai Communiqué", laying a solid foundation for Sino-US relations. This is a ground-breaking milestone in the history of Sino-US relations, opening a new chapter in the cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.

Chairman Wu Gaolin quoted Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching: “A man’s soldier is an ominous weapon... Fule kills people, and he cannot succeed in the world... To kill people, establish them with sorrow. When you win, you should punish them with funerals.” This is a warning. The teachers and students love peace, cherish life, and inspire the new generation of Chinese youth to work hard and pursue their ideals.

Chairman Wu Gaolin called on students to love their motherland and their families. If the country falls into war, the family will have no peace. He urged the students to learn their true skills to serve the motherland. A strong youth will make the country strong, and a prosperous youth will lead to the prosperity of the country. We will strengthen our ideals and beliefs, hone our will, exercise our physique, and work hard to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese dream.

Chairman Wu's lecture was well received by teachers and students, and everyone expressed that they benefited a lot and were enlightened!

This online lecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Sansi Lecture Hall was a complete success!

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