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Members are the major organizational body of the US China Business Association (USCN). We rely our members’ contribution, cooperation and support to achieve our goals. Programs and projects that USCN initiates benefit our members, and we count on our members to fulfill their own obligations as well.

USCN memberships is structured to benefit people of all walks. You get benefits the moment you are approved to be a member of the US China Business Association (USCN). With discounts on products and services, and members-only access to information through our professional network, web site and journals, you will benefit right away. Included in many of these benefits are resources to advance your career, to benefit your business and to shape your outlook or change your life. Explore the many benefits offered to personal, corporate and organizational members.

Membership Eligibility & Dues

There are eight different levels of membership at USCN, each with different obligations and benefits.Please review the membership eligibility and dues.
Student Membership - $100/year (for full-time students)
Free attend most public programs
Eligible for the International Student Scholarship
Discount for the USCN online merchandises
Free access to USCN database and internship and mentorship programs
Individual Membership - $500/year
Dual Membership — $750/year (for two members of the same household)
Bring guests to public programs at the member price
All core membership benefits above
Professional Membership - $1,500/year
Dual Membership — $2,500/year (for two members of the same company)
All core membership benefits above
Corporate Membership - $5,000/year
Corporate Pass, attend most public programs for free
Core membership benefits for two individuals
Complimentary copies of all USCN publications
Prestigious USCN vehicle emblem (1) and badges (2)
Bring guests to public programs at the member price
Invitations to business and professional programs and networking events
Eligible for discounts at worldwide hotels, restaurants and travel agencies
Sponsor Membership - $10,000/Occasion
Sponsor Pass, attend the sponsorship program for free
Core membership benefits for five individuals,
Bring guests to public programs at the member price
Access to Invitational Dinners with the speaker following select public programs
Free access to display merchandise and logo at the venue (with USCN permission)
President's Circle - $25,000+/year
Free admission & reserved seating at programs for you & guests (up to 2 guests)
Invitational Dinners with USCN speakers, plus President’s Circle only events, + briefing with   USCN President
Invitations to Gala Dinner at the US China Outstanding Contribution Awards Ceremony
Invitations to the Global Connections Dinner
Bring unlimited guests to public programs
Expedited registration at large-scale public programs
Small, private receptions with speakers and dignitaries prior to public programs
Advance reservation notice for the annual Global Connections Dinner Series
20 intimate dinners per year with global experts hosted by USCN Board & donors
Personalized outreach for small, private receptions and dinners with policy experts, high-ranking   government officials
Annual Report recognition
Director's Circle - $50,000+/year
Includes all benefits above, plus
Access to 50 most exclusive private clubs around the globe (check here)
Access to private funds from USCN circle of investors
Personal notification of programs related to your areas of interest from Executive Director, Major Gifts
Invitations to hi-profile speaker’s dinners and private roundtables
Invitation to join the USCN’s Trade Mission, with opportunity to meet hi-caliber leaders in govt & business leaders
Opportunity to join the Leadership Study Mission for the Board of Directors and    Chairman’s Circle if space permit
Chairman's Circle - Gifts of $100,000 +
Includes all benefits above, plus
Free access to USCN corporate jet for two hours (up to eight people) from any point in the     continental USA (with 3 days advance notice).
The Chairman’s Circle is comprised of community leaders who support the USCN’s work at the highest level. Chairman’s Circle members have an unwavering commitment to the institution and its mission. They are invited to participate in activities reserved for the Board of Directors, including a yearly Leadership Study Mission, receive reserved seating by name at all programs, and an opportunity to meet privately with the Chairman, Honorary Co-Chairman and President. To learn more about the Directors’ Circle or Chairman’s Circle, please contact executive director of major gifts, at vip@us-cn.org.

Membership Benefits

Join the USCN as a member organization today to enjoy the many benefits of membership that will help your organization stay competitive, grow your business, and make the best contacts in the US-China marketplace.
Take Advantage of member-only Discounts
Employees of member organizations enjoy valuable discounts on USCN programs and publications:
Access to private clubs approved by the USCN in China and the US.
Invitation to business and diplomatic functions attended by national and state government officials.
Access to the megastars of business and financial industries.
Save 50% on authoritative Invitation Letters for visa applications.
Save at least 30% on Conferences & Expos sponsored by the USCN.
Save up to 25% per night for hotel rooms approved by the USCN.
Save on forums, conferences and meetings sponsored by the USCN.
Save on overseas business trips to explore development opportunities and build relations.
Get Exclusive USCN Resources
USCN connects member organizations to an exclusive array of tools and resources:
Access to government procurement information from both the US and Chinese governments.
A free subscription to business magazine
Members-only access to online resources on trade, economic and market data.
Members-only access to online resources on new ideas, technology, products and markets.
Access to venture capital, private equity and other forms of financing.
Get Involved
Play an active role in advocating for the US China bilateral economic issues and helping to build consumer awareness:
Serve on a USCN committee to shape the future of bilateral business and economic relations.
Participate in legislative outreach efforts and stay up to date with government export & import initiatives.
Attend the USCN advocacy training sessions.
Build Relationships
Network with other members, gain knowledge about overseas markets, and to contribute your expertise to the USCN community:
Participate in a Member’s Circle, with member-driven exchanges of ideas, resources and information.
Attend the USCN Member’s Day, a free event for new members.
Join the Member to Member (M2M) Exchange, an online discussion forum.
Make industry-wide contacts beyond your business area.
Get Noticed
Membership sets your organization apart. Build exceptionalism in your organization as a USCN member:
Distinguish your company in the marketplace by using the USCN member logo on your Web site and in your company’s marketing materials.
List your company in the USCN’s exclusive online Member Directory.
Don’t miss all these great perks. Join now or send your inquiry to membership@us-cn.org for more information about membership and benefits.

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