US China Outstanding Contribution Award

Guidelines & Standards

The US China Outstanding Contribution Award was launched at initiatives of prominent and visionary Chinese and Americans who are gathered in supportive of the bi-lateral friendship, and devoted to the promotion of peaceful co-existence and development. The award ceremony is conducted and supervised by the US China Business Association in a fair and just setting to recognize the outstanding individuals and organizations from both countries.

The US China Outstanding Contribution Award is established to recognize people in China and the United States for their outstanding contributions in the fields of politics, diplomacy, finance, commerce and trade, culture and arts, media, and scientific and technology exchanges and collaborations. This recognition helps to further promote exchanges to achieve mutually beneficial developments in a win-win situation via deepening bi-lateral understanding and friendship.

The US China Outstanding Contribution Award is free from the influence of any government, political parties, organizations, media or public opinions in its process of research, nomination, selection, voting and confirmation. This is an important event once every two years, with trophies and medals awarded to recipients at the awards ceremony.