Wu Rongchuan

Wu Rongchuan graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 and is a member of Guangdong Artists Association. The work "Majestic Kunlun" was selected into the "Guangdong Province Fine Arts Exhibition in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party", "Golden Memories" was selected into the "First Exhibition of the Guangdong Provincial Chinese Painting Art Committee", and "Born Out of the Sky" was selected into the "Guangdong Province Chinese Paintings for the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party" Works Exhibition", etc.

Wu Rongchuan is a typical artist of the Lingnan School. He has an innovative spirit and the spirit of the times. He paints majestic mountains and rivers with the brush and ink techniques of Chinese painting and the characteristics of Western painting. He is also the designated painter of the US-China Business Association (founded by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger). To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States and Dr. Kissinger's ice-breaking journey of Sino-US friendship, Wu Rongchuan's work "Heaven and Earth Pride" was presented to Dr. Kissinger as a national gift by the US-China Business Association. Kissinger praised Wu Rongchuan as a gifted artist.

"Heaven and Earth Pride" - Former US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger Collection


Presentation Ceremony of Works --- First from left: Mr. Brian McElroy, President of US-China Business Association, second from left: Dr. Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, third from left: artist Mr. Rongchuan Wu, second from right: executive executive of US-China Business Association Vice Chairman Mr. Wu Gaolin (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange / former Chinese diplomat), first from the right: Ms. Ling Jialian, Vice Chairman of the China Branch of the US-China Business Association

Art experience Recognized by the Academy of Fine Arts as an "excellent student" won the true biography of famous artists

Wu Rongchuan is a low-key, introverted, and inarticulate artist. "Different from the so-called 'artists' who are in the 'jianghu' nowadays, who like to brag and make money, Wu Rongchuan has been rigorously studying art for decades. He is willing to be lonely and devote himself to seeking. He never paints for money. Painting, let alone flattering the market for money." He Junhua, vice chairman of China Young Artists Association and chairman of Guangdong Young Artists Association, commented on Wu Rongchuan.

Wu Rongchuan's art enlightenment teacher and well-known Guangdong oil painter He Hengcheng told reporters that he took Wu Rongchuan as his apprentice because of Wu Rongchuan's obsession with painting: "In the 1970s, after I graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, I would often work in the studio of my unit. I painted some large-scale oil paintings. For a while, I found a child about 10 years old who often lay on the window sill of the studio, watching my paintings engrossed, which caught my attention.” That’s it, He Balance met Wu Rongchuan, a kid who loves painting very much.

It is understood that Wu Rongchuan has been fond of painting since he was a child. He has already copied many famous ancient landscape works at a young age, and the paintings are decent. Later, Wu Rongchuan learned the basic skills of Western painting from Mr. He Balanced. After hard study and hard work, Wu Rongchuan was admitted to the Chinese Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. During the four years of undergraduate study, Wu Rongchuan was taught by famous landscape painters such as Guan Shanyue, Li Xiongcai, Chen Jinzhang, Lin Fengya, Hao Hejun, Li Jinkun, etc. Under their careful guidance, he laid a solid foundation in Chinese landscape painting.

In 1990, Wu Rongchuan graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He aspired to continue his studies as a graduate student in the Department of Traditional Chinese Painting. However, after 18 years of painstaking study and re-examination, he still failed to achieve his wish because he was not good at English. "Wu Rongchuan was recognized by teachers and classmates as an 'excellent student'. His grades in all professional courses, whether it is sketching, sketching, color, flower-and-bird painting, figure painting, or landscape painting, are among the best. His graduation creation - Chinese painting "The Silence of Time The "series (four pictures) won the highest score of 95 points in the 90th session of the school." According to reports, Wu Rongchuan's teachers Chen Jinzhang, Lin Fengya, Hao Hejun, etc. all liked Wu Rongchuan very much. His own "closed disciple".

"Silent Years" - Works by Wu Rongchuan

Famous reviews

"The Chinese painting "Heaven and Earth Pride" created by Wu Rongchuan is based on Gongga Mountain in Sichuan Province. He uses the brush and ink techniques of Chinese painting and the characteristics of Western painting to draw majestic mountains and rivers. The snow-capped mountains symbolize Dr. Kissinger's broad mind , it accommodates the impact of different ideological trends in the world, and his mysterious ice-breaking journey opened the friendship between China and the United States. The rivers formed by the melting glaciers in the sun water the lush green vegetation at the foot of the mountain, just like Dr. Kissinger The Sino-US friendship created has benefited the next generation of China and the United States."

——Wu Gaolin (Executive Vice President of the US-China Business Association)

"Wu Rongchuan is a typical artist of the Lingnan School of Painting. He has an innovative spirit and the spirit of the times. He has been rigorous in his studies for decades. Both big and small, use a pen to draw a small sample first, and then use a brush to write the middle picture. After confirming that it is correct, it is carefully outlined, rubbed, dyed, and colored. , won the approval of people from all walks of life.”

——He Junhua (Vice Chairman of China Young Artists Association, Chairman of Guangdong Young Artists Association)

"After graduating from Guangmei, Wu Rongchuan continued to work hard to study the painting methods of glaciers and snow mountains, and experimented in composition, technique, concept, use of brushes, and colors, so as to achieve a holistic and non-categorical representation of snow mountains and glaciers. Over the years, he has painted many works of snow mountains and glaciers, pursuing new artistic conception and new content, and gradually becoming mature."

——He Hengheng (Guangdong well-known oil painter, former deputy editor-in-chief of "Gallery" magazine)

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